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Quentin de Grandmaison

Senior Software Engineer


31 y/o
French & English


Quentin de Grandmaison

Work Experience

April 2019 - Today
Senior Software Engineer, Dashlane

Working on Dashlane Web Extension (Chrome, Firefox, Edge)

Front written using React & CSS-in-JS

Business logic with custom framework, Redux, RxJS

June 2018 - Jan. 2019
Engineer, French School at Athens

Development of a Web GIS based on GeoServer

Frontend written in JS (ES2015) using VueJS, OpenLayers, and CesiumJS

Backend & GeoServer REST client in PHP using Guzzle / JMS SerializerSystem / Networks administration with ProxMox & PFSense

Feb. 2015 - April 2018
Software Engineer, Therenva

Heavy C++ & Qt engineering on EndoSize (100k+ LoC)

Development of a backend website using Zend Framework 2.

Development of an hybrid mobile application, using Cordova.

Tooling with CMake, Git & Jenkins.

March - Sept. 2014
Software Engineer, Capptain

Real-time processing on thousands of messages / second using Trident.

Message broking using Kafka.

Development of frontend widgets using GWT to monitor the system.

June - Sept. 2013
Web Developer, CartelMatic

R&D on a Javascript interactive media player for visitors.

Use of JQuery and BootStrap to design a complete frontend.

Development of a backend using PHP and MySQL.

April - June 2011
Web Developer, Miwim (RetailMeNot)

Processing of XML catalogs weighing several GBs, using PHP.

Bulk Storage into MongoDB, MySQL & Redis.

Development of a frontend to browse the data, using HTML / CSS / JS.


2011 - 2015
University of Rennes 1
Graduate Engineering School of Rennes (ESIR)
April 2015
University of Rennes 1
TOEIC (975 pts)
2009 - 2011
University of South Brittany
Information Technology Diploma


3D Printing
Scuba Diving
Board & video games